Wednesday, 21 September 2016




Here is a photo of my artwork about my family and pets.  It  took me awhile to complete each koru because we have a lot of pets in our household.
The blue koru is my dad. He loves the water. My mum is the green koru. She likes the outdoor nature.  Im pink because pink flowers smell beautiful. My sister scarlett is yellow like the sun.  My pets are the three koru between my sister and I. My dog is the purple koru because her first collar was purple.  Our cat is the orange koru, because we found him eating off an orange tree. The white koru is my rabbit.  He is white and a big fat giant and his name is sugar.

What was hard for me : To make sure I didn't smudged my art work.

What was easy:getting my work done

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Q And A

Be Resourceful: Think - What resources can I use to help my learning? How can I use them best?

Select a NZ Paralympic or Olympic Athlete (using
Or ) 5 Questions 5 Interesting Facts
Co-constructed Criteria for Facts/Questions
  • Have more information = how? what? where? why? when?
  • Makes sense
    • Sentence fluency (structure)
    • Accurate spelling
    • Open & closed Questions

Interesting Facts

When did he start playing

Who let him play for the tall blacks

Why does he play

Who is there team captain

Who sponsors there team

  • Height: 197cm
  • Born: 1987
  • Birthplace: Auckland
  • He has one 2 silver medals
  • Position: forward and  Shooting guard
  • Tom Abercrombie

For the  breakers
Wins       games   % W’s
 132              198       66.7


Paora winitana
We have been learning about paora he is a mean basketball player he has played for a lot of teams ………….like the hawks and the brackers


Usain bolt

         Usain Bolt !!!

                                  Usain Bolt after his heat   
What he does :Track and Field .
Born: August 21, 1986       
Best know for : For being the fastest man alive


Interesting facts
  • He won three gold medals at the 2008 Olympics
  • the first man  to win both the 100 and 200  meter races .
  • He is a outstanding cricket player
  • He has a foundation named after his name   
  • He has his own shopping line

Growing up
Usain bolt went to Waldensia Primary. He grew up at his parents store. He moved on to William Knibb Memorial High School where he started playing cricket his coach told him to move on from Cricket and to start running because he was really fast . Usain bolt went to race in the 200 meter race his time ended up being 22.04 seconds.

His Family
Usain bolt's parents own a mini supermarket.  Sadiki Bolts is usain bolt bother he cricket a player
Sherine Bolt is usain bolts sister and great supporter for Usain

Nick name
Usain bolt got the nickname lightning bolt because of his signature move the lightning bolt  
                                                               Bolt at the start of the 2012 ...

Fun facts
  • At 15 he won the 2002 Junior Kingston championship in Jamaica
  • He downed about 1,000 nuggets in 10 days in Beijing in 2008
  • He has his own video game
  • They say in 2008 McDonald's made usain bolt win  
  • He has his own iPhone app called Bolt
  • He owns his own restaurant / sports bar called Tracks & Records


One thing that was good:getting my work done fast

One thing i need to work on:is to manage my distractions

Something my buddy needs to work on is: To get on with her work. And to be quit .


Friday, 19 August 2016


  1. PE

What went well? Why?
Working well with my group

How did it feel as a Learner when playing (throw)?
weird because i had never played it before

One thing I could improve on is …..       Stop talking and get on with the game

Paralympics day
I had to lead shot put for the kauri hub paralympics day. I had a great team
I lead they cheered and helped astella who is in a wheel chair she found it hard to throw the ball but the team had fun and kept trying. Some of the kids did not listen to me" but do kids listen" No .

We had the celebrate because we had to support the paralympics and there was alot of game for us to play. The photo above is jada on a fake wheel chair playing shot put